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  1. How can I check?
    BWM Global saves and tracks all orders in the "My Account" section. To view your status, login through the BWM Global home page and click on the "My Account" link. Your current order status will be viewable on the first page.

  2. What payment options are available?
    We offer several different payment options. Prepayment, C.O.D., Credit Card, Credit Terms.

  3. I forgot my account information?
    If you have forgotten your account information, you may click this link to receive an email containing your account information.

  4. How do I find what I want?
    For quick and easy product sourcing, use the go to the "Category Shop." The Category Shop contains a list of all the products we offer to our clients. If you do not find what you are looking for, you may contact a Customer Service Representative at

  5. How do I upload artwork?
    First, be sure that you have a suitable original file of your company logo. We recommend that you use an EPS version of your file (vector) if possible, or a high-resolution TIFF or JPG version if the file is not vector-based. When you upload your logo, this same file will be used to preview on product images as well as be sent to the manufacturer for the actual production of your order. If you do not have a file suitable for the final process available at this time, you can upload a lower-quality graphic to begin previewing products and upload a final logo at a later time. Once you have your logo file ready, visit the Upload New Logo(s) page and use the simple form to locate and upload your file.

  6. What is the difference between Bitmap and EPS files?
    These two file names represent the difference between what is called "raster" (Bitmap, TIF, JPG, etc.) and "vector" (EPS, WMF) images. A raster image saves information about every dot (pixel) that makes up an image. These files tend to be larger in size because more information is being saved about the image. Raster images sometimes require printing in a process format and may not have as smooth of edges on solid color (spot) printing. A vector image makes up a picture by storing to points and the angle of the curve between the two points. A vector logo will typically have many points and curves, but far less information is necessary to be stored, therefore resulting in a smaller file size. Vector images are the preferred option for spot color printing and produce sharp, crisp edges in the print process.

  7. My logo will not upload, what do I do?
    For previewing an image in the BWM Global Design Center, you need to make sure you upload one of the followign formats: EPS*, JPG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, TGA, or GIF. Make sure that your file is smaller than 1MB, and basically as small as possible. If your file is larger than this size, you may have difficulty uploading it using the browser-based form. Larger files take longer to upload and process when previewing an image. If you have a larger file and are not sure what to do with it, contact a sales representative at BWM Global and we will be happy to help you.

    *Note: For EPS to be usable when previewing on a product, you must save the image as a commong EPS format without a preview in the image. If you are having trouble using your EPS file in the Design Center, it is likely because there is a preview layer in the image. Save your file in a different version without hte preview image and upload this new file to the Design Center.

  8. Are the colors I view on my screen accurate?
    Depending on the resolution and quality of your monitor, colors may appear different. All of the colors displayed in the BWM Global web system are for viewing purposes only. We try and display all colors as accurately as possible, but do not guarantee the finished product will look like it did on your screen. The best way to ensure color exactness is to provide us with a PMS color.

  9. How do I contact BWM Global?
    BWM Global can be contacted by, emailing us at or by calling 847-785-1355.

  10. How does the Design Center work?
    We have a detailed overview of how the Design Center works available online. Click this link to see that overview.

  11. What is a Bleed?
    When an image is printed to the edge of a piece of paper, it is said to bleed to the edge.

  12. What does CMYK stand for?
    The acronym for the four process color inks: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

  13. What does Color Separation mean?
    Literally separating the areas of a piece to be printed into its component spot and process ink colors. Each color to be printed must have its own printing plate.

  14. What is an EPS File?
    EPS stands for Encapsulated Postscript File. A vector based, computer graphics file format developed by Adobe Systems. EPS is the preferred format for many computer illustrations, because of its efficient use of memory and fine color control.

  15. What is a Font?
    A graphical design applied to all numerals, symbols and characters in the alphabet. A font usually comes in different sizes and provides different styles, such as bold, italic, and underlining for emphasizing text.

  16. What does FTP mean?
    FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. The method for uploading and downloading files to/from internet server systems.

  17. What does PMS stand for?
    PMS stands for Pantone Matching System. A proprietary color system for choosing and matching specific spot and process colors.

  18. What does Process Color mean?
    The mechanical process of reproducing a full color image with the three primary subtractive color inks (CMYK/ Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) and black.

  19. What is a Proof?
    In graphic arts, a colored material, substrate or dye used to simulate the subtractive printing primaries of cyan, magenta and yellow and also includes black as well as the other colors. The colorants used in these proof materials should render process colors with no apparent hue error. When the proof colors are combined in registration they will show the approximate printing values, colors and hues of how an original will look when printed or compared to how the original looked.

  20. What is a Spot Color?
    A specific color in a design, usually designated to be printed with a specific matching ink, rather than through process CMYK printing.

  21. When will my order ship?
    When you place your order, it goes through several steps in production and quality assurance. You can track your order using the tools provided in your "My Account" tools.
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