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How To: The Design Center

BWM Global has developed a unique technology that allows our customers to view any product with their corporate logo on it. The following instructions will assist you throughout your Design Center experience.

The two main areas of the Design Center are; the Product and the Logo.


The Product area shows you the product you are viewing>>>>> the color options that are available>>>>>> and the percentage you can zoom on the product to inspect your logo.

Product Color Options
This area shows you what color the product is available in. Click on the drop down list and you can select and view your logo on the different colors (if any) available. This will allow you to see if your current logo looks good on a particular color or if you need to make any changes.

Zoom Feature
The Zoom percentage is the amount the product will enlarge when you point and select on a particular area. The cross-hair is placed on the center of the area you would like to enlarge. With one click of the mouse the product view will re-size and display the amount you have selected.


This area shows you the logo you have selected>>>>>the placement position>>>>>>the color and style of your logo>>>>>>the print method in use>>>>>>re-sizing features>>>>>>>and logo movement features.

Selected Logo
When you first start working in the Design Center the product that you are viewing will already have a logo place on it for viewing. All accounts who have uploaded logos select a default logo for first viewing. To change this logo (assuming you have more than one logo in your account) click on the drop down box and select the logo you wish to view.

Logo Placement
All products in the BWM Global catalog have pre-determined logo areas. To view all the available logo placements, click on the drop down menu to view and change if necessary. In order to view multiple logos on different parts of the product click the "Add with New Logo (upload)" or "Add with Existing Logo)". This will create a new product view. After the new product is viewable you will need to select the logo placement for the new view and push "Show Changes"

Logo Color/Style
Your logo is defaulted to view as the "Original" upload is saved. To change the colors of your logo you can click on the drop down menu "Color/Style" and select a different color to view.

Print Method
We have determined the best Print Method for all of our products. However, some products like Apparel, have different types of decorations. For instance some people may like to use Silk Screening where others may choose to use Embroidery. There are different set-up and running costs associated with each. To select something different then the default simply click on the drop down menu and make your selection.

The default view you see your logo is a pre-selected area determined by BWM Global. You can re-size and move your logo all over the product. If you would like to decrease and enlarge your logo, move it left, right, up, or down you can simply by re-sizing or nudging your logo.

Zoom Out
To use the Zoom feature, make sure you place the cross-hairs directly on the center of the area you wish you enlarge. To return the viewed area back to its normal size press the Zoom Out button.

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